About Stephens Equipment

  Stephens Equipment Inc. (SEI) was incorporated in 1958 and initially acted as a distributor of industrial and small construction equipment. In the mid-sixties the company evolved into a custom builder of compressed air systems tailored to meet clients' specific requirements. Initially Stephens Equipment concentrated on the design, production, testing and commissioning of high pressure, compressed dry air systems for the operation of Air Blast Circuit Breakers in the High Voltage Power transmission applications.

Starting in 1996, as a logical extension of SEI’s high pressure pneumatic expertise the company established a hydraulic products division and commenced design and prototype development of a hydraulic quick disconnect. This is the premier product targeted at specific defense, aerospace and industrial applications. In 1998, to diversify products to meet the needs of other gases, development of products in the compressed gas area began, including drying and nitrogen compression, nitrogen and oxygen generation. Also, in 1998, to meet the needs of the global marketplace, development was done on compression systems to make them more compact, and portable.

Stephens Equipment Inc. Headquarters 2750 Brabant-Marineau, Montreal, Canada H4S 1L1
North American Toll Free Number 1-800-567-3086 Telephone : (514) 332-1230 Fax : (514) 331-2084