Controlled Atmosphere Storage


Simple & Efficient

The basic premise in Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS) is to maintain premium product quality. This can be accompished by keeping Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene gases at predetermined levels, (gas levels differ depending on the type of fruit being stored). Some current methods being used, involve carbon dioxide adsorbers, lime bags and ethylene scrubbers.What if you could do away with all of this equipment and replace it with one machine. Well now you can, with a Stephens Equipment Nitrogen Generator you can flush out the excess oxygen and ethylene as well as maintain the right amount of carbon dioxide in any storage facility.

Reliability & Cost Effectiveness

At Stephens Equipment Inc. we recognize that not all CAS users have the same requirements. A large apple juice producer may require a high capacity system with complex automation; whereas his neighbor and supplier, the family orchard, may require nothing more than a small system with an "ON/OFF" control. Not all farmers have the same storage capacities nor are all storage rooms built and sealed the same way. Paramount to both however, is the well being of the post harvest crop.

With this in mind, all SEI nitrogen generators are designed & guaranteed to provide cost-effective reliable long-term performance, irrespective of their price or size.

Nitrogen generator rented to Apple farmer's Coop

N2 generators are not "all the same".

There are always "differences" in similar products. Understanding these, forms the basis of an "informed" decision vs. one, which can haunt you.

The heart of a membrane nitrogen generator is the membrane. There are numerous membrane manufacturers & designs, each with it's own pros & cons. Some are greatly affected by moisture and others are not. All however are potentially affected by oil contamination and clogging.

Utilizing quality filtration, as we do, greatly reduces oil contamination & moisture. Clogging however can be practically addressed by the membrane design.

The feed area of our typical 4" diameter membrane is 565 inē. Our competitor's is 12.5 inē. Would you care to guess which clogs quickest?

Would you like to try before you buy?

Why do we offer trial units? From our experience we have noticed that most orchards don't have identical storage facilities. Many farmers have their own unique way and formula for balancing the gases. Not all storage rooms are built with the same materials and sealed to the same degree. We also believe that if the customer can have the opportunity to try the unit they can see for themselves how the equipment works and see the benefits "hands on". No one expects you to buy a car without first giving it a test drive, well, neither do we. Give us a call and test drive a Stephens Equipment nitrogen generator. We offer an equipment trial service whereby we lend a unit to the customer for an agreed upon time period, we install the system and ask only that the user transport the system to and from Stephens Equipment facilities.

Please call us for more information and availablity of this service.

Scope of Supply
  • N2 purity ranges from 95% to 99.5%
  • Flow capacities of up to 20,000 SCFH
  • Manual or Automatic operation
  • Skid mounting or custom configurations
  • Oxygen analyzers
  • PLC control Systems
  • Engineering Services
  • Compressors

Where can you get additional information?


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