Nitrogen Generators


The most widely used gas in Industry is Nitrogen. Due to it's inert characteristic Nitrogen gas is effective in preventing oxidation making it a cost-effective preservative. It is widely used in conservation of foods, be they snacks in nitrogen filled bags or industrial Controlled Atmosphere Storage rooms for fruits and vegetables.

Not all applications require the same degree of reduced oxygen levels. As there are many applications using nitrogen there are also many different purities required. A range of 95% to 99.9% nitrogen is most common, although some applications call for purities as low as 90% others require ultra high purities up to 99.9999% nitrogen. Once the purity is determined a decision needs to be made as to what type of nitrogen system will be most cost effective. There are three different ways obtain nitrogen, Cryogenic separation, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), and Gas Separation Membranes.

Stephens Equipment Inc. can supply standard nitrogen generators or custom design a system to suit your application, including compressor, controls and receivers.

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