Turnkey Solutions


Stephens Equipment has many years of experience with turnkey installations, providing systems for enterprises such as; Hydro-Quebec, B.C. Hydro, New York Power and various other utilities. We can provide complete turnkey installations suitable for any application. Pictured below is a high-pressure air system serving 62x 730Kv breakers at a North American power utility. In response to this client's unique requirements, SEI designed & fabricated a modular system, factory tested prior to site delivery. STEPHENS EQUIPMENT has fabricated 50 similar custom designed & packaged systems.

Systems can be designed to handle the following medias:

  • Air
  • Oxygen
  • Other non-corrosive gases & mixtures
  • Nitrogen
  • Natural Gas
  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen


6 compressors: 50 Scfm (each) / 3600 Psig 12 x 3600 Psig cylinders: 94,000 ft3 FAD
3 high pressure air dryers Modular design for easy transport & installation
Air distribution panel Designed for fully autonomous operation
Pressure sensing & reduction panel Capable of operating to minus 30F
Motor Control Center Air dewpoint of minus 112F
LWH: 45'x25'x11', 92,000 lbs. Cylinder Module LWH: 36'x9'x8', 90,000 lbs.


High Voltage Airblast Breakers

Critical applications where quality, performance and reliability are essential. Stephens Equipment designs and manufactures complete air blast circuit breaker compressor systems and subsystems for this function.

Central air systems
Turnkey systems encompassing two or more industrial high-pressure compressors contained within a walk-in enclosure. These systems are situated in a location accessible to supply all the required breakers.

Special features

  • Equipped with efficient inter and after coolers; approach temperatures of 10C
  • High pressure Air Dryers with an atmospheric dew point of -80C
  • MCC.s; fully automated systems using PLCs
  • High pressure storage vessels
  • Pressure reduction panels
  • Air Distribution panels
  • Thermostatically controlled heating and ventilation

Central air system installed at a major Canadian utility company. 1 of 40 supplied to this customer since 1973.

Central air system supplied to a major American utility company.


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